Best Places for School Trips in San Francisco

For San Francisco or Bay Area natives planning a school field trip, you’ll find yourself faced with an abundance of attraction options. Whether you’re completing a unit on sea creatures or encouraging their scientific explorations or even developing their artistic skills, San Francisco has a perfect school trip option for you.

Looking for a place to take your kids that’s both educational and enjoyable? Check out our list of top school-trip ideas in San Francisco, including:

  • 加州科学院
  • 海湾水族馆
  • 探索博物馆
  • 旧金山动物园&花园
  • 旧金山现代艺术博物馆(SFMOMA)

Save on San Francisco Field Trips

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California Academy of Sciences Visitors

Image credit: Kathryn Whitney, California Academy of Sciences

With a planetarium, a natural history museum, an aquarium and more, the 412,000-square-foot California Academy of Sciences might just be one of the most impressive museums in the country.

In addition to those features, the California Academy of Sciences is also home to a two-and-a-half acre Living Roof, the deepest coral reef exhibit in the world, a four-story tropical rainforest, a spacious solar canopy, and a colony of African penguins.

It’s the perfect combo attraction to suit multiple scholastic interests!

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Image Credit: Aquarium of the Bay Facebook Page

There are few field trips as classic as a day spent at the aquarium. The Aquarium of the Bay is particularly appealing, too, for a number of reasons.

For one, it focuses exclusively on the marine life of the San Francisco Bay, showcasing creatures great and small that call the waters around San Fran home.

They also boast a 725-gallon tank filled with jellies, a massive, walk-through glass tunnel that features sharks, octopi, and much more, and a group of playful river otters.

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Quite rightly deserving the title of “most experimental museum in the world,” the Exploratorium is a fantastic educational destination in San Francisco.

You’ll be able to escort your class through galleries upon galleries of engaging, educational material, including more than 650 interactive exhibits.

This field trip is probably best for elementary or middle-grade students.

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A zoo is another fine choice for a class field trip and is suitable for students of all ages.

Come to the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens to visit more than 2,000 different critters, many of whom are endangered and several of whom have been rescued.

Animals come from all over the world and include iconic favorites like zebras, kangaroos, grizzly bears, and many more.

This zoo also earns the garden epithet with its 100 acres of flora featuring indigenous and acclimatized species.

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This stellar modern art museum is a top field trip choice for schools going the cultural route. They offer a plethora of stunning exhibits of modern and contemporary art, much of which is produced by living artists.

Special exhibitions also boast impressive themes and topics, including the current one on contemporary Chinese art.

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Don’t Forget to Save on Admission to Top San Francisco Field Trip Attractions

There you have it — a list of our favorite field trip attractions in San Francisco.

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