Smart Destinations’ Attraction Passes Help Travelers Save an Average of 30 Percent on Visits to Hundreds of Top Attractions Plus Added Savings on Shopping and Dining


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The flexible savings Explorer Pass allows customers to choose the number of attractions they wish to visit in advance (rather than days) and then take up to 30 days to use their visits.

With both passes, customers save an average of 30 percent on attraction visits alone. In addition, each comes with a full color destination guidebook that offers up to 20 percent additional savings on shopping and dining.

Armed with a Go Card or Explorer Pass, vacationers have the flexibility to move freely from attraction to attraction within a city or region with one pre-paid ticket. The Passes are affordably priced so their costs can be recouped by just visiting two or three participating attractions. Pass holders also receive VIP preference at some attractions, enabling them to skip the lines and spend more time enjoying their vacations.

According to a February 2008 survey conducted by AOL Travel-Zogby International, 57 percent of Americans said they planned to spend less on their 2008 summer vacations than they did in 2007. Further, a May 2008 survey conducted by independent research firm, YouGovPolimetrix, indicated that 66 percent of Americans (and 76 percent of women consumers) hoped to take advantage this summer of attractions, shopping and dining venues that offered money-saving specials and deals.

“The rising cost of travel is beyond the control of summer vacationers, meaning they have to save wherever they can to stay within a budget – and that includes attractions, dining and shopping,” said Cecilia Dahl, president and co-founder of Smart Destinations. “Our attraction passes were created to help consumers see the best of a city or region, with the flexibility to create the itinerary that appeals most to them and their family while saving money. For anyone wishing to ‘recession-proof’ their summer vacation, a Go Card or Explorer Pass is the perfect summer vacation take-along.”

The maximum value Go Card allows unlimited included admission to 30-60 attractions in each destination city/region, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Maui, Oahu, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s even a Go USA Card for the avid traveler that covers all of the cities. The flexible value Explorer Pass is currently available in New York City and Las Vegas.

Passes sell for as low as $22 per day for adults and $13.57 per day for children (per day prices vary depending on the destination and duration of the Pass). And travelers can purchase Go Cards and Explorer Passes with total confidence: Smart Destinations offers a 100 percent money back cancellation policy if you can’t use your card and a commitment to ensure your satisfaction with your experience. Vacationers can purchase Go Cards and Explorer Passes online at

关于 Smart Destinations

Smart Destinations is the premier provider of unlimited admission attraction passes in 15 major North American travel destinations from Oahu to Boston. Smart Destinations’ Go Cards and Explorer Passes offer pre-paid access to over 425 museums, attractions and tours for one fixed price, resulting in up to 40% savings off general admissions ticket prices. The combination of savings and convenience has resulted in 94% customer satisfaction as measured by 3rd party research and helped the company rank 78 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. Distributed through major travel services in 25 countries as well as on the Web, Smart Destinations’ products are a “trusted companion” for the best a destination has to offer at an unbeatable price point. For more information on program participation, the company, and its products, visit

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