圣地亚哥一周 - 7您度假的日程安排

Spending one week in San Diego but aren’t sure what to do to make the most of your time?

Check out our week-long, 7 day itinerary for some suggestions on what to see and where to go.

This San Diego 7 day itinerary is filled with a wide variety of attractions and activities, from theme parks and zoos to museums and tours.

Visit these attractions with a 7-Day Go San Diego® Card and save on combined admission costs vs. paying at the gate.

This 7 day itinerary includes:

  • A helpful 7 Days in San Diego infographic here.
  • 圣地亚哥海洋世界
  • 贝尔蒙特公园
  • 圣地亚哥动物园
  • 圣地亚哥自然历史博物馆
  • San Diego Air & Space Museum
  • Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
  • 圣地亚哥野生动物公园
  • USS Midway Museum
  • Coronado Island
  • 加州乐高乐园
  • 音乐制作博物馆
  • 伯奇水族馆
  • 米拉马尔竞速巡游赛
  • 观鲸巡游!
  • Knott’s Berry Farm

Remember, this one week itinerary is just one of many ways to experience sunny San Diego.


The Go San Diego® Card gives you the flexibility to create your own itinerary, so you can choose from dozens of top attractions and create a vacation tailored to your interests.

Only have a few days in San Diego? We’ve also put together a 1 day, 2 day, and 3 day San Diego itinerary.

第 1 天

Stop #1: SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld-San-Diego-1 (1)What better place to begin your explorations than SeaWorld San Diego? Part amusement park, part conservation center, and all fun, SeaWorld has been a great family destination for decades and is adding new and exciting attractions every year.

Some of the highlights of your SeaWorld experience include unparalleled animal shows, behind-the-scenes feeding demonstrations, animal encounters, thrilling amusement park rides, and so much more.

Don’t forget to visit the interactive “Explorer’s Reef” exhibit!

We recommend reserving between 4-5 hours for this attraction.

进入: 海洋世界圣地亚哥门票包括在内3 , 5 ,和7 - 去圣地亚哥卡。

Stop #2: Belmont Park

Belmont-Park-5 (1)
After you finish at SeaWorld, treat yourself to some old-fashioned amusement park fun with a visit to Belmont Park.

Filled with classic rides and arcade games that the whole family will love, this popular San Diego attraction is a great mellow way to round out the rest of your afternoon.

A few of the available rides at Belmont Park include the Giant Dipper roller coaster, a few wave rides, the Vertical Plunge, Krazy Kars bumper cars, and the Coconut Climb.

We recommend reserving between 1-2 hours for this attraction.

进入: Belmont Park All Access Combo Pass tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

Stop #3: Seaport Village (free!)


From bookstores to cafés and everything in between, you can window shop to your heart’s content in this quirky neighborhood. Or, stop in a few places in search of that perfect souvenir.


第 2 天

Stop #1: The San Diego Zoo

圣地亚哥动物园This popular San Diego destination is truly the heart of Balboa Park. It spans about 100 acres of the park, and is home to more than 3,700 animals from over 650 different species.

Filled with creatures great and small, from the adorable Giant Pandas to the tiniest of little fish, the San Diego Zoo is the perfect destination for animal lovers.

The San Diego Zoo is also one of the leaders in global conservation, rescuing and rehabilitating hundreds of animals each year. In fact, your admission fee goes right back into their rescue efforts!

We recommend reserving between 3-4 hours for this attraction.

进入: San Diego Zoo tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

Stop #2: San Diego Natural History Museum


TheNAT (as it’s known by locals) is filled with fascinating exhibits and ancient artifacts that will delight and inspire the whole family.

Some highlights of their offerings include dinosaur fossils, a collection of 200 animal skulls from their research lab, and special exhibitions on everything from whales to Mayan culture and civilization.

We recommend reserving about 1 hour for this attraction.

进入: 圣地亚哥自然历史博物馆门票包括在Go San Diego卡上。

Stop #3: San Diego Air & Space Museum

This one is a must-see attraction for all space lovers. San Diego, after all, is the home of modern aviation and particularly naval aviation. Another Balboa Park stand-out, this museum is perfect for space geeks of all ages.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is filled with immersive exhibits and real restored aircraft spanning all of aviation history – truly a treat for any fan of flight. The kids will love the scope and variety of the available exhibits, and you’ll love how educational everything is.

您和您的家人可以享受的一些展品包括各种薄荷条件的历史飞机,包括海军F 6 F Hellcat和A- 4 Skyhawk Jet,以及Wright EX Vin Fiz(来自1911 !)。

We recommend reserving between 1-2 hours for this attraction.

进入: San Diego Air & Space Museum tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

Stop #4: Reuben H. Fleet Science Center


It’s both a museum and an active research facility, offering the best of both worlds to curious visitors.

Although their collections are vast and diverse, a few of the most popular exhibits include “Cellular Journey,” “Kid City,” So Watt,” and more.

Don’t forget to check out the world’s first IMAX Dome Theater (you get one free movie with admission).

We recommend reserving between 1-2 hours for this attraction.

进入: Reuben H. Fleet Science Center with IMAX Movie tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

第 3 天

Stop #1: San Diego Safari Park

This magnificent animal park is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and is probably unlike anything you’ll ever see again.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a truly unique institution, filled with animal encounters and experiences that go way beyond your typical zoo visit.

For example, the Cheetah Run exhibit allows you to watch a cheetah go from 0-60 miles per hour in just seconds – an intimate glimpse of what their lives are like in the wild.

You can also get up close (behind glass!) to lions, tigers, and many other majestic Saharan creatures.

We recommend spending your entire day here. Plan on having lunch at one of their many delicious on-site restaurants.

进入: San Diego Zoo Safari Park tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

第 4 天

Stop #1: USS Midway Museum

This is one of the most-visited attractions in all of San Diego – for good reason! Its historic significance alone makes it worth exploring and its modern reincarnation as a world-class museum makes it worth spending plenty of time here.


We recommend reserving between 2-3 hours for this attraction.

进入: USS Midway Museum tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

Stop #2: Coronado Bike & Kayak Rentals


If you’ve you got one full week to spend in San Diego, it’s definitely worth taking the time to explore Coronado, with its totally distinct culture and vibe. Hop aboard the ferry to come over.

While you’re enjoying the sun in Coronado, why not be a little more active with your outdoor time with a bike, kayak, or stand up paddle board rental? This is an excellent way to explore the great outdoors in style, by land or by sea.

Some of the sights you may see include Petco Park, the Embarcadero, the USS Midway, Naval Station North Island, the Silver Strand, the Convention Center and Glorietta Bay.

Reservations are required for this attraction.

进入: Coronado: Tandem Kayak and/or Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals are included on the Go San Diego Card.

停止 # 3 :探索科罗纳多岛和百年纪念公园(免费!)

There’s also plenty more to see in Coronado, so you might as well spend the rest of your day here. There’s the historic Hotel Del Coronado, today a resort with popular dining options (which you can enjoy without being a guest). Then, there’s a golf course, multiple parks, and beaches to enjoy.

As for Centennial Park, this cute little garden space is located just near the ferry landing. It provides stunning ocean views and amazing views of the San Diego skyline – the perfect photo opportunity.


第 5 天

Stop #1: LEGOLAND® California

Every kid’s favorite toys come to life at LEGOLAND® California!

This fun-filled wonderland has enough exhibits, attractions, rides, and slides to keep the whole family busy for practically the entire day. The little ones will love the DUPLO® play area, and the older kids will enjoy exciting roller coasters and the famous Miniland USA.

Did you know there’s also a water park and an aquarium that make up part of the larger LEGOLAND® complex? If you want the complete experience, why not check out the new LEGOLAND® hotel?

We recommend reserving between 5-6 hours for this attraction.

进入: LEGOLAND® California tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

Stop #2: The Museum of Making Music


Immerse yourself in over a century of musical history in interactive and exciting exhibits that cover all of the major developments in American musical history.

With over 500 vintage instruments and hundreds of audio and video examples, the Museum of Making Music is a comprehensive portrait of the kinds of music that Americans have enjoyed and produced over time, from the player piano to the invention of modern digital music.

We recommend reserving about 1 hour for this attraction.

进入: Museum of Making Music tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

Stop #3: Carlsbad Village Art & Antique Mall (free!)

Explore downtown Carlsbad by strolling around the Carlsbad Village Art & Antique Mall, a great hidden gem.

It’s a shopper’s paradise with more than 15,000 square feet and over 100 sellers at the Art & Antique Mall itself, although there are also more shopping options in Carlsbad Village as a whole.

You are also close to the Carlsbad Premium Outlets, should you be craving a more intense shopping experience.

Depending on how much shopping you feel up to, we recommend reserving between 1-2 hours for this attraction.

第 6 天

Stop #1: Birch Aquarium


From various special exhibits to several marine habitats and the opportunity to interact with select sea creatures, there’s so much to do and see here that you’ll never want to leave.



We recommend reserving between 2-3 hours for this attraction.

进入: Birch Aquarium tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

Stop #2: La Jolla Beaches

What better way to take advantage of the natural beauty of La Jolla than with some good old fashioned beach time?



We recommend reserving between 1-2 hours for this attraction.

Stop #3: Miramar Speed Circuit & Laser Tag

在Miramar Speed Circuit,从水上乐趣过渡到一些非常棒的室内冒险。感觉你是一个真正的赛车手,因为你加快了发夹转弯和长直道。

The state-of-the-art equipment offered at this establishment is thrilling to observe and even more exciting to drive.

Advanced technology will allow you clock your lap times, aim for specific speeds, and more. It’s one of the best indoor kart tracks in the country!

Plus, your admission through the Go Card now includes Laser Tag!


进入:  Miramar Speed Circuit tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

第 7 天

停止 # 1 :纽波特登陆观鲸之旅

新港着陆,观鲸,Cruise- 1
Another attraction you won’t want to miss is an informative and exciting Whale Watching Cruise by Newport Landing.

With several daily departures available, you’ll be able to enjoy one of these great cruises any time you visit.

A few of the fascinating and majestic species you may see on your adventure include the California Gray Whale, Giant Blue Whales, Orcas, Minke Whales, Humpback Whales, and other sea creatures including dolphins, seals, sharks, and more.

进入:  Newport Landing Whale Watching tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

Stop #2: Knott’s Berry Farm

For your last attraction of the vacation, take a short drive up north to Knott’s Berry Farm. This classic theme park attraction is both an historic establishment in California (the very first theme park) and an exciting modern destination.

Enjoy dozens of thrilling rides and slides, plus other fun attractions. There are breathtaking rides for the adults and gentler rides for the little ones, so there’s something to appeal to all visitors.

Some of the popular rides are coasters like GhostRider and Boomerang, thrill rides like La Revolución, and rides for the little ones like those you’ll find at Camp Snoopy.

Don’t forget to pick up some Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Pie!

We recommend reserving between 2-3 hours for this attraction.

进入:  Knott’s Berry Farm tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card.

7 fun-filled days in San Diego itinerary

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Let’s Recap

So there’s your fun-filled San Diego 7 Day itinerary.

It’s packed with every variety of attraction and activity you could imagine, complemented with delicious meals and fun free activities. So make the most of your one week in San Diego!

Visit each of these above attractions with the 7-Day Go San Diego® Card and save on combined admission costs.

Plus, get additional discounts on shopping, dining, and more attractions.



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