San Francisco Spring Break 2019 – Things to Do in February & March During Your Vacation

If you’re looking for a spring break destination that combines the best of culture, nature, food, drink, and all around fun, then San Francisco should be your top choice.


Check out our suggestions for Spring Break 2019 activities. Our listed ideas include top attractions like:

  • The California Academy of Sciences
  • 探索博物馆
  • Golden Gate Park
  • 渔人码头
  • 六旗探索王国
  • 以及更多!

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Calif-Academy-of-Sciences-4旧金山很少有地方可爱金门公园 。这座城市公园拥有海湾和标志性桥梁的广阔景观,充满了自然与文化的完美结合。

如果你对自然世界感兴趣的话,你也应该花一个下午来加州科学院 。它是动物园,部分水族馆,部分雨林和部分天文馆(是的,认真的)。

This is one unbeatable attraction when it comes to plants and animals! They even have a really cool green roof, for those of you interested in sustainable design.

Getting In: Admission to the California Academy of Sciences is included with the Go San Francisco® Card.

Enjoy More Animal Fun

San-Francisco-Zoo-and-Gardens-3If the kids love animals, then a sure bet in addition to the California Academy of Sciences is another Golden Gate Park favorite — the San Francisco Zoo.

以来自世界各地和从A到Z的生物为特色,它们不仅仅是东道主2 , 000濒临灭绝的动物。受欢迎的展品包括非洲大草原,熊国,澳大利亚WalkAbout等等!


进入: Admission to the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens is included with the Go San Francisco® Card.


SFMOMA-5前往世界一流德扬博物馆精选古典和现代艺术品。他们在美国艺术和工艺方面具有特殊的优势,还有精心挑选的当代作品。 3月,de Young还举办了一场名为Bouquets to Art的有趣年度活动,将鲜花画和艺术品与鲜花展示相结合。

Or, if you prefer a more heavy focus on contemporary and modern art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is a recently expanded marvel that holds more art than you can possibly see in one afternoon. Their extensive and delightful collections feature all the big name greats and plenty of up-and-coming Bay Area artists.

进入: Admission to the de Young Museum and admission to the SFMOMA are both included with the Go San Francisco® Card.


Go San Francisco Card 旧金山一卡通

Fisherman’s Wharf // Image credit: J. O’Neill

San Francisco’s seaside location is what makes it such a beloved city, and even though you might be a little put off by the chill, you can’t let that stop you from enjoying all the waterfront has to offer.

Embark on a leisurely stroll around Fisherman’s Wharf, which is actually one of the best places for people watching in the entire city.

这里有很多景点,包括受欢迎的景点杜莎夫人蜡像馆 ,为家庭提供有趣的机会,让他们在闲暇时间探索名人和流行文化,享受栩栩如生的蜡像。

进入: Admission to Madame Tussauds San Francisco is included with the Go San Francisco® Card.


Families with active kids may be looking for something more focused on little visitors. If so, look no further than the Exploratorium, one of the best family-friendly museums in all of California.


进入: Admission to the Exploratorium is included with the Go San Francisco® Card.

Hop Aboard a Cruise


如果你对当地的建筑最感兴趣,包括金门大桥 ,那么专业的桥梁巡航是一个明智的选择。

对于那些对怪异有浓厚兴趣的人恶魔 ,选择乘坐游轮,带着令人兴奋的叙述之旅护送您到这个令人生畏的岛屿。

进入: Golden Gate Bay Cruise tickets are included with the Go San Francisco® Card. For the Alcatraz tour option, purchase your pass directly from Alcatraz Cruises.


Californias great america family春假旅行的家庭当然希望探索北加州的主题公园。各个年龄段的孩子都喜欢游乐园的兴奋和喜悦,这对成年人来说是一个很好的方式,让他们在忙碌的同时保持自己的乐趣! 加利福尼亚的伟大美国这是一个明智的选择,为心爱的Planet Snoopy等小旅行者提供了很多选择。

For the animal lovers, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has much to offer. This theme park incorporates all your favorite thrill rides with exciting animal encounters and interactive exhibits. See critters from land and sea, and learn more about the natural world. Then, hop aboard exhilarating rides in this 135-acre adventure park.

进入: Admission to California’s Great America and admission to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom are both included with the Go San Francisco® Card.

Indulge Your Whole Family’s Love of Disney

We’re sure you’ve got at least one Disney song consistently stuck in your head after the kids’ latest binge-watch, so why not visit the Walt Disney Family Museum so you can all learn more about the origins of this media empire.

Here you’ll find expansive gallery space featuring all kinds of footage, photographs, sketches, and more. You can also learn about Walt’s personal life, his grand ambitions, and his creation of some of the most endearing characters of all time.

进入: Admission to the Walt Disney Family Museum is included with the Go San Francisco® Card.


San Francisco Painted LadiesThere is so much amazing art and architecture throughout San Francisco that it would be a shame to leave the city without exploring it further.

例如,你不会错过机会看到的彩绘女士维多利亚时代的住宅,位于阿拉莫广场公园附近(尽管整个城市还有其他维多利亚式和爱德华式住宅的例子,这是你见过的镜头) 全满 )。

这也是探索艺术区的好机会海特 - 阿什伯里 。它曾经比现在更加前卫,现在是一个有趣的地方,可以漫步去看当地的艺术装置,喜剧俱乐部和古怪的商店。


另一个应该在你必须访问名单上的社区是South of Market,或者是当地语言中的“SoMa”。它充满了顶级品质的景点,如博物馆和画廊,以及一些美味的午餐和晚餐。

开始参观 Yerba Buena艺术中心 ,部分博物馆,部分社区中心,以及所有灵感。

Then, pop into the California Historical Society for another perspective on the area’s heritage.

If you prefer sports to high art, then fortunately for you, Oracle Park (formerly AT&T Park) is right in the neighborhood. Take a tour of the park, or, if your spring break falls in or after mid-April, take in a game!

进入: Admission to the California Historical Society and Oracle Park Tour tickets are included with the Go San Francisco® Card.


全日 - 葡萄酒乡村Tour- 1对于由年长的大学生或成年夫妇组成的春假旅行,加州最受欢迎的活动之一是参观葡萄酒之乡。当然,家庭也欢迎参加这些旅行(请记住,客人必须年龄可以品尝葡萄酒)。

While it is a bit of a hike out of San Fran proper, it’s totally worth the trek to see some of the most beautiful countryside in the entire state.

选择全面的旅游,从渔人码头(Fisherman's Wharf)等中心位置到达纳帕谷索诺玛谷, 他们兼收并蓄的高科技和精品酒庄。 (导游意味着您也可以提供更多样品!)

酒庄参观也是一个很好的机会,可以为他们真正想要的朋友和家人带回家礼物 - 谁不喜欢美酒?

进入: Admission to the Weekday Nap + Sonoma Wine Country Tour is an option with the Build Your Own Pass.


We hope you’ve been inspired by this sample itinerary to get out and start planning your perfect San Francisco spring break, whether you want to visit some or many of these popular attractions.



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