在奥兰多有趣的事情 - 旅行的终极旅游指南

Orlando, “the city beautiful”, offers more than just theme park fun, the city is also home to unique wildlife, a rich museum culture, world-renowned architecture, and more.

Whether you’re traveling with kids-in-tow, planning a romantic getaway, meeting up with friends, or going solo, our travel guides have all the information you need to discover it all, right here in one place.

Things to do in Orlando, in between applying sun block:

What are some popular attractions to visit?

  • Kennedy Space Center – Visit NASA’s launch complex, astronaut hall of fame, or see a rocket launch all just an hour from Orlando.
  • ICON Orlando(原可口可乐奥兰多之眼) - 奥兰多最新的景点之一,也是东海岸最大的观景轮。你得检查一下!
  • LEGOLAND®佛罗里达度假村 - 为孩子们而建150 - 交互式主题公园提供超过50游乐设施,表演和景点,餐馆,购物等。
  • 难怪厂 - 这个室内游乐园适合所有年龄段的游客100交互式,动手实践的展品,将无法解释的生活带入生活。
  • 鳄鱼乐园:世界鳄鱼之都 - 鳄鱼乐园是一个110 - 主题公园和野生动物保护区,将旧佛罗里达的魅力与令人兴奋的新展品和娱乐相结合。

These are just a few. Want more fun ideas for things to do in Orlando? Head over here for more Orlando attractions to see during your trip.

How long are you visiting?

不管你是来奥兰多吗? 24 - 小时或长周末,我们将样本行程与城市中最受欢迎的活动放在一起。


Who are you visiting with?



What type of activities interest you?



Explore Orlando by neighborhood to make the most of your time sightseeing. We’ve highlighted a handful of top attractions and places to see by neighborhood in Orlando so you can maximize your time in each location.

When are you visiting?


Check out our lists of things to do in the city throughout the year to make the most of your itinerary and experience unique, calendar-based events.

What’s the best way to get around?

奥兰多很容易驾驶 - 它拥有全国第二大公共交通系统,并且有大量的出租车和共享乘坐服务。

车(推荐): 租车是最受旅客欢迎的选择。奥兰多的大部分景点都靠近主干道,很容易从I- 4 。

Public transportation: LYNX, Orlando’s comprehensive bus system, can get visitors to most areas in Orlando and beyond and LYMMMO is the free downtown circulator bus servicing the immediate downtown area.

小费: 获得免费 moovit 适用于地铁和公交线路的点对点旅行计划和实时更新。

出租车: 出租车通常在主要景点和大多数酒店提供,并且Uber和Lyft等共享乘坐服务广泛可用且易于使用。


Where should you stay?

There are plenty of great places to stay in the area. Below are a handful of hotel suggestions located near popular tourist attractions and fun things to do.

  • Hilton Orlando
  • 奥兰多国际博士中心大使馆套房酒店Conv Ctr
  • 奥兰多迪斯尼世界克雷斯特伍德套房酒店
  • Embassy Suites Orlando - Downtown
  • 奥兰多市中心万豪居家酒店

Where should you shop?

In between sightseeing, try and find time to pick up some souvenirs. Here are a few popular areas to get some shopping in.

  • 梅西
  • Florida Mall
  • 奥兰多溢价零售商
  • International Drive Flea Market
  • Winter Park Village

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Where to Eat

参加我们的首选之旅,参观奥兰多的美食佳肴奥兰多的家庭友好的餐饮场所 。我们为每个食欲和附近的景点提供了首选,因此您可以在奥兰多的美食目的地品尝美食。没有判断力。

Fun Info from a Local

  • Orlando is the Lightening Capital of America.
  • Gatorland was the first theme park to open in Orlando.
  • Lake Eola, and many other of Orlando’s lakes, is the result of an 80-foot deep sinkhole.
  • Orlando’s official city nickname is City Beautiful.

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