10+ Things to Do in San Diego with Kids for an Unforgettable Trip


Even with 70+ miles of picturesque beaches, San Diego maintains a “small town” atmosphere that makes a family vacation feel manageable.

So if you’re looking for things to do in San Diego with kids, check out this list of our favorite kid-friendly activities, including…

  • 圣地亚哥动物园
  • SeaWorld® San Diego
  • 加州乐高乐园
  • 中途岛美国船舰博物馆
  • 贝尔蒙特公园
  • 伯奇水族馆在斯克里普斯
  • New Children’s Museum
  • Fleet Science Center
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • 和更多…

Save on Admission to Kid Friendly Attractions


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Polar Bear Eating Bamboo at the San Diego ZooThis world-famous zoo is at the core of the San Diego experience for visitors of all ages. Pop in on the beloved Giant Pandas, discover unusual animals like the binturong, and marvel at Gram the Indian rhinoceros as he paints with his lips.

随着结束4 , 000动物9栖息地,这个城市天堂是大多数家庭必看的。这也是度过整个下午,了解孩子们喜爱的动物以及新宠的绝佳方式。

The San Diego Zoo was also recently voted #1 Zoo in the world by a TripAdvisor poll, so you’d be majorly missing out not to spend some time here!

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Visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to intensify your zoo adventure. In essence, you’ll journey to Africa and Asia without ever leaving San Diego. You’ll come face-to-face with giraffes, zebras, and lions as you tour this enormous wildlife preserve (1,800 acres, to be exact!).

非洲野生动物园电车,放松25 - 分为旅游,是伟大的孩子。电车Safari浏览器还包括访问养护旋转木马,年幼的孩子一个伟大的选择和一个有趣的旅程所有。

圣地亚哥动物园野生动物园的其他主要景点包括狮子营,Tull Family Tiger Trail以及许多其他大型自然展览。

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SeaWorld® San Diego

SeaWorld-San-Diego-3 (1)

This San Diego top attraction offers endless opportunities for fun for everyone.


Soar, dive and twist like a ray on the Manta® coaster or take a spin on Shipwreck Rapids®. Plus, discover the remarkable rescues and groundbreaking research that makes SeaWorld so important. SeaWorld has rescued, treated & returned to the wild over 27,000 animals and counting. For more than 52 years – SeaWorld Cares®.

Popular park rides  for kids include attractions like “Elmo’s Flying Fish” and “Abby’s Sea Star Spin.” Connect with your family at the place “where worlds connect.”

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Drawing millions of visitors from all over the world, this unique theme park is one of San Diego’s most beloved attractions. The park’s 50+ LEGO-themed rides are designed for kids but provide fun for the whole family.

Ride to the top of a Kid Power Tower to view the whole park or voyage over to the Treasure Falls mini-water flume for a splash of adventure.

当然,你不能错过Miniland USA,一个乐高娱乐7美国地区使用20百万个世界着名的积木。

Some newer LEGO attractions include the exciting LEGO NINJAGO ride, and LEGO Friends Heartlake City. You can also opt to upgrade your admission ticket to include their other fun parks, SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND Water Park.

LEGOLAND is geared for children under 12, although older children may of course enjoy themselves as well.

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The USS Midway Museum has become a mainstay of San Diego and is absolutely worth the trip for the whole family. It’s among the most popular attractions in all of San Diego!

游客可以参观50 +展品,其中包括中途岛号航空母舰的睡眠区,船上的监狱和飞行控制甲板,然后前往这个CV上的三个激动人心的飞行模拟器之一41航空母舰。

You and your kids will love the USS Midway Museum aircraft carrier, whether they’re aspiring military members, or just fans of history and exciting technology.

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Belmont-Park-5 (1)

San Diego’s only beachfront amusement park is sure to please the entire family with a mix of contemporary and traditional rides and attractions.

您家中的探险者将喜欢乘坐“控制狂”(Control Freak),这种过山车可让您控制自己的汽车。

Younger adventurers will enjoy “Krazy Kars,” a kid-friendly bumper car ride. Plus, share family fun at “The Pirates of Belmont Glow in the Dark Miniature Golf,” a state-of-the-art “Black Light” mini golf course.


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Animal fans in the family still looking for more critter contact after a visit to the San Diego Zoo? Pay a visit to the delightful Birch Aquarium.



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New Children’s Museum


For dynamic, hands-on kid friendly activities, journey over to the New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego. The museum’s galleries and studios feature exhibits designed to engage children in interactive artwork.

Help your kids create their own audio and video soundtrack with incredible 3-D sequences in the Design Studio or build a birdhouse at the Paint & Clay Studio.



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家里有运动爱好者吗?在圣地亚哥参观PETCO公园是一件很棒的事情。只有玩家才能体验Padres的防空洞,并了解历史悠久的Western Metal Supply Co.大楼。

The “World’s Best Ball Park” is complete with swaying palm trees and a view of sandy beaches that only SoCal can offer.

If you’ve got time and are in town in season, you can of course also pick up tickets to a game! There’s nothing like a family baseball game, with all the tasty hotdogs and peanuts you’d like.

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Fleet Science Center


You’ll get the chance to examine images from the Hubble Telescope, build freeform structures using wooden planks, explore the unseen world of cellular biology through the lens of a microscope, and much more.

Plus, “Kid City” is a great exhibit for the little ones that includes everything from cranes to conveyor belts.

Don’t miss out on the IMAX Dome Theater –the first of its kind! Bonus: one IMAX movie is free with admission.

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Knott’s Berry Farm


This local favorite is a fun and kid friendly theme park with a long history in California. In fact, Knott’s is best known as America’s first theme park! And it’s well worth a visit – from world-class roller coasters to exciting water rides, this festive park has plenty to offer children of all ages.

Popular rides include the thrilling Screamin’ Swing and the refreshing Timber Mountain Log Ride. For small children, specialty rides like the Balloon Race and the Huff and Puff are great activities without the scare factor.

There’s also plenty of live entertainment from special guests like Snoopy and the Gang.

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If you’re visiting during the warmer months, pay a visit to the companion attraction, Knott’s Soak City Waterpark. This amazing park is filled with slick slides, thrilling rides, shopping, dining, live entertainment, and more.

有趣的游乐设施面向所有年龄段的游客,从小Gremmie泻湖到大孩子Banzai瀑布。不要错过他们最新的家庭筏骑,The Wedge。


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GoCar Tours



As you drive, the car narrates your tour based on your GPS location, providing interesting insights and historical information that relates to points of interest that you’ll see.

With the half hour rental you can go at your own pace and pick out the attractions and landmarks you want to see as you blaze your own sightseeing trail through the streets of San Diego.

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If your kids love the ocean and marine life, then snorkeling is a must-do activity on your vacation list. It’s easier and more affordable than diving, and has practically no learning curve.

Spend an entire day scoping out the beautiful and vivid marine life of the Pacific Ocean from the absolute best vantage point – right up close!

Expect to see a variety of sea creatures, from flowing plant life to playful creatures like dolphins and sea lions. Keep an eye out for the girabaldi, the beautiful orange and blue fish that’s affectionately known as the “official marine fish” of the state of California.


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One of the best things to do in San Diego is visit the San Diego Natural History Museum

Located right in Balboa Park, the San Diego Natural History Museum features an immersive collection of exhibits and displays geared towards educating kids about science and California’s unique natural history in fun and exciting ways.


There are also over a dozen additional museums in Balboa Park for you and your kids to explore, depending upon their interests and engagement level. Many are available on the Go San Diego Card, too!

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San Diego Hop-on Hop-off Trolley

Old-Town-Trolley-Hop-on-Hop-off-2-Day-2-san-diegoFinally, a great way to tour the city with kids is aboard the San Diego Trolley. This fun historic attraction evokes the old town feel of historical San Diego, while still offering plenty of modern fun for kids of all ages.

如果您选择不下车,游览将需要大约半天( 4小时),但你也可以选择下船任何一个10特色站点。站点包括:中途航空母舰,加斯兰普区,海港村,巴尔博亚公园,小意大利等等。


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Traveling with Children to San Diego


Remember to request any required child seats from the rental company in advance, as these can be difficult to procure last-minute.

Vans and SUVs are often more desirable rentals as well, so be sure to make your car reservations as far in advance as you can to ensure you’ll get the right vehicle for your family.

Like most major metropolitan cities, San Diego is a bit pricey when it comes to parking, so keep that in mind when budgeting.


Choosing the Right Attractions


Check out this Southern California travel blogger’s review of the Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass here.

The age of your kids is obviously an important factor, as they’ll get more or less out of certain attractions depending on how young they are.

But it’s also important to balance the big-name, all-you-can-do attractions with some more relaxing and low-key activities.

Dining with Kids

Of course, you’ll need to be eating along the way. While sometimes you have the option to dine at a given attraction (as you would at SeaWorld or the San Diego Zoo), sometimes you’re out in the middle of nowhere and somebody says “I’m hungry!”



Other neighborhoods to look for good family-friendly options include the Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, and the Oldtown Historic District.

Consult our guide to Family-Friendly San Diego Restaurants for other specific recommendations.

Let’s Recap

在那里你有它 - 我们在圣地亚哥与孩子们最喜欢做的事情。




Remember, you can save on combined admission to many of these popular family friendly attractions and more.




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