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  • Save up to 45% on admission to top Cancun attractions. Experience more for less! 查看真实的省钱范例。
  • 只要一个低价就可以参观尽可能多的景点。 从$开始84 。
  • Includes 30 top attractions. Dolphin encounters, water sports, cruises, and more.
  • Premium attractions. Choice of one on 3, 4, 5, and 7-Day Passes.
  • Flexibility. Explore for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 calendar days over a two-week period. ?
  • Digital delivery. Get everything you need right on your phone.
Go Cancun Card attractions pass
畅游1 日
成人 / 儿童(5-11 岁)
84 美元/59 美元

畅游 2 日
成人 / 儿童(5-11 岁)
169.00 美元 / 124.00 美元
$152.10 / $111.60

畅游 3 日
成人 / 儿童(5-11 岁)
269.00 美元 / 199.00 美元
$228.65 / $169.15
畅游 4 日
成人 / 儿童(5-11 岁)
364.00 美元 / 264.00 美元
$291.20 / $211.20
畅游 5 日
成人 / 儿童(5-11 岁)
439.00 美元 / 319.00 美元
$329.25 / $239.25
畅游 7 日
成人 / 儿童(5-11 岁)
569.00 美元 / 414.00 美元
$398.30 / $289.80


我们为您提供“无风险保障”,您可以在购票之日起 30 天内退回未激活的通票,全额退款。

  • 全部
  • 乘骑游戏和冒险活动
  • 博物馆和历史景点
  • 动物园和水族馆
  • 旅行和巡游
  • 租赁
  • 儿童免费入场
  • 适合家庭
  • 深夜营业
  • 季节性景点 - 夏季
  • 季节性景点 - 冬季
  • 儿童不允许入内
  • 热门度
  • 周边区域
  • A 到 Z
  • 门票价格
  • 附近
What is a Go Cancun Card?

A Go Cancun Card is a multi-attraction pass that gets you into 30 Cancun attractions for one low price.

How does a Go Cancun Card Work?
  • Just purchase passes for the number of days you want to sightsee — we offer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7-Day cards.
  • Your Go Cancun Card grants you admission to as many included attractions as you want to visit for the number of days you bought the card for.
  • Simply show your pass at included attractions for admission.
  • 参观首个景点即可激活您的卡片。有效期为 2 个星期。?


  • 在您的手机上用免费的Go City Card软件来使用您的通票。
  • 在家打印您的通票和导览指南。



同3 , 4 , 5 ,和7 - 通过,你可以入场在您的信用卡有效期限之一时享受高级吸引力。





您想要玩多少就可以有多少!大部分游客计划每天访问 2-3 个景点,但是没有限制。玩的越多,省的越多。

“2 周内的自然日”是什么意思?

“自然日”为日历上的天,不是 24 小时的长度。

For example, if you activate a 3-Day Go Cancun Card on a Monday evening, it is valid for the remainder of Monday (1st calendar day) and any 2 additional calendar days within two weeks of activation.


它只是一张折扣卡? 我仍然需要购买门票?

不是。通行证包含各个景点的门票;入门处无需再付费。 部分景点可能提供升级门票或特殊展览,需要支付额外费用。







  • 在您的手机上用免费的Go City Card软件来使用您的通票。
  • 在家打印您的通票和导览指南。





Yes. You can enter attractions any time with the Go Cancun Card.

Do I need to exchange my money to local currency?

We highly recommend exchanging your money for Pesos. Be sure to check the exchange rate before you go, and avoid exchanging your money in hotels or restaurants. Look for exchange houses or check with your bank or credit card company in advance, as many offer assistance programs that help you take out foreign money.

Tip: take out a mix of smaller bills to avoid making change.

Are there any additional attraction fees?

While we do our best to include all fees in the price of our Pass, in some cases there are additional docking fees that are required by law, and need to be paid directly to the government or parks upon arrival. We highly recommend checking all attraction information prior to visiting as we list any additional fees under 'Getting In Instructions', 'Reservations', or 'Notes' of each attraction. In select instances, the attraction will inform you of any additional fees at the time of reservation.

Tip: be sure to bring cash to pay these fees. Not all attractions accept credit cards.

Is gratuity included with my pass?

Gratuity is not included with your pass, however, tipping 10-15% is standard in Mexico. We recommend bringing cash with you to tip tour guides and servers.


我们为您提供“无风险保障”,您可以在购票之日起 30 天内退回未激活的通票,全额退款。


根据个人喜好,大多数游客每天会参观 2 至 3 个景点。我们最受欢迎的热门卡是 3 天卡。


同3 , 4 , 5 ,和7 - 通过,你可以入场在您的信用卡有效期限之一时享受高级吸引力。

Can I purchase passes on the spur of the moment when I arrive in Cancun?

Of course! Order online at any time and receive your pass(es) digitally. Please be aware that online orders may take additional time to process. If you need your pass(es) immediately, please contact customerservice@smartdestinations.com

Does a Go Cancun Card expire?



相比通票的价格和您想参观的景点门票价格,看您可以节省多少钱。或者查看一些真实的省钱例子来自Go City Card 的顾客们,看他们节省了多少钱!


For inspiration, check out some of our sample itineraries, insider tips, and more for info on all the fun things to do in Cancun so you can make the most of your time here.



Are reservations required to visit an attraction?

For many attractions reservations are required. Please check under each attraction’s 'Reservations' section prior to visiting, to see if the attraction requires advanced reservations.


There’s no catch. Go Cancun Card has a partnership with all of the participating attractions to make your visit to Cancun as memorable as possible and to help you save time and money.


No. The Go Cancun Card is non-transferrable and may not be re-sold.


While we do our best to ensure that all attractions are available, events happen that are out of our control. The great thing about a Go Cancun Card is that there are so many attractions to choose from. If an attraction is closed, or cannot be visited for some reason, we know you'll find a fun alternative in your guidebook!


Please feel free to email us at cs@smartdestinations.com and we'll be happy to help you!

Note: A Go Cancun Card is non-transferable. This means that once you start using it, you are the only person who can use it to get into attractions. Passes may not be re-sold.


You can visit any of the included attractions with your Go Cancun Card. Here are some ways our customers have saved big on top attractions in Cancun.


68 %

Lorena E.保存68 %

This customer bought 2 2-Day Go Cancun Cards, and visited:

  • Dancer Cruise Cancun with Snorkeling
  • Extreme Adventure Park - All Day Combo Tour
  • Moonlight Bioluminescence Snorkeling Tour
  • Parasailing Adventure in Cancun
分开购买的门票价格:720.00 美元
Lorena E. 已付款: $228.00
节省:492.00 美元
54 %

Lei W.保存54 %

This customer bought 2 3-Day Go Cancun Cards, and visited:

  • 90 Minute Surf Lesson at 360 Surf School
  • Columbus Lobster Dinner Cruise with Steak and Veggie
  • Reef, Turtle, and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour
  • Royal Swim VIP Plus at Isla Mujeres
  • Tulum Express Tour with hotel pickup
门的价格,如果单独购买: $ 1 , 040 。 00
Lei W. 已付款: $478.00
节省:662.00 美元
50 %

Sam P.保存50 %

This customer bought 2 4-Day Go Cancun Cards, and visited:

  • 2 Hour Open Bar at Senor Frogs
  • $20 Toward Drinks at Fred's House
  • Chichen Itza at Your Own Pace by Mayaland
  • Extreme Adventure Park - All Day Combo Tour
  • Included Meal at Carlos'n Charlie's
  • Jungle Tour Speedboat Adventure
  • Moonlight Bioluminescence Snorkeling Tour
  • Parasailing Adventure in Cancun
  • Reef, Turtle, and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour
  • Tulum Express Tour with Hotel Pick-Up
分开购买的门票价格:578.00 美元
Sam P. 已付款: $1,166.00
节省:588.00 美元
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